Brad Jefford learned to play the guitar while in a dream. A village of gnomes residing in the belly of a rosewood dreadnought would use the frequencies of bronze strings to communicate to the vast world outside. These frequencies could explain theories of the night stars, meanings of the heart's feelings, and the rhythm and rhyme found between the lines. In this state of altered consciousness Brad could understand and speak the language of the strings with ease like that of the mother tongue. His time in this world left him with memories of hertz colliding with the wonderful ruckus of his little friends singing and dancing in their little red hats until the morning's alarm left them silent. Awake, these beautiful sounds are something he can only dream to recreate, but that hasn't kept him from trying. Each day he opens his ears and heart, yearning to bring the sound of dreams to reality, hoping that one day we can hear and understand the beauty of communication.


Soup Tasting Performers

Formed in January 2017, the Vertigo Quartet is a fairly new addition to downtown jazz entertainment in St. John’s. Comprised of Memorial Music Students, the Vertigo Quartet is an ensemble that revisits standards of the genre and brings their own unique voice to the music. The ensemble also explores popular genres of music, often arranging non-jazz melodies for jazz quartet. The Vertigo Quartet are active members of the live music scene in St. John’s; they have been hired to play charity events, restaurant/club entertainment, and special occasions. Members include Josh Chancey – Sax, Josh Lawlor – Kit, Matt Hardy – Bass, Daniel Pinhorn – Guitar.